Independence Street closure

Please note the Independence Street is currently blocked off at Chesterville Road. A Detour has been set up via O’Connell street and through the opposite car park.When leaving the centre please turn left and go through the opposite car park to exit out of O’Connell.

We’re not sure how long this detour will be in effect for.

Open again from Friday 18 June

Following the new rules announced today and effective from tomorrow 11:59pm we will be opening our doors as per usual from Friday 18th June.

The only change will be that everyone will need to register via the QR code on entry without fail, as well as wearing a mask except on court or in the gym, or if drinking and eating.

All bookings must still be made online and if you intend to play in the social events please make every attempt to book before the start of the event or call us before you arrive so we can book you in if you have a Discount Card for Squash.

We look forward to seeing you and hope that this time we can stay open. Welcome back!

COVID-19 update – we are closed

Following the Victorian Governments announcement it looks like we will remain closed for all activities, for the next few days with a possible reopening on the 18th June. If anything changes we will let know.