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IN-HOUSE Competition

Be the King or Queen of the Club.  Squash Melbourne runs the enormously popular In House Social Competition throughout the year.

Based on your skill level (your best guess – or ours!) you will be allocated to a group of 6 players of a similar level.  You play your 5 matches within 6 weeks and can organise with your opponent to play at Squash Melbourne anytime over the 6-week season, record your scores over 5 games regardless of the result – and at the end of the 6 weeks – you have the chance to go up or down a grade depending on your results.

The in-house competition is an ideal comp for those dipping their toes in the water of competitive squash, those that might be time-poor or can’t commit to a pennant team every week – or want to just test themselves out before moving on to one of our pennant competitions. It also gives you the opportunity to meet other players of a similar level and widen your social squash group. The only cost is the $18 per person court fee – and represents great bang for your buck!

Don’t forget that you can also purchase a Discount Card which reduces the cost to only $15.00 a match! So flag your interest at the club or via email to [email protected]

If you aren’t sure where you would fit in, come down for a hit during a weekend practice session. We’ll pretty quickly work out whether you would fit into a team in a higher grade, a lower grade or somewhere in between.

MASTERS, STATE and Southern League PENNANT and now Club Circuit

We will continue to work with The Squash Melbourne Club to support the teams that play in both Masters, Pennant and Club Circuit. This is a critical activity for any Squash venue and we would encourage all players to think of playing in one or the other as well as looking at our in-house league. 

If you are interested in playing in a Masters, State Pennant or Club Circuit team please contact them via The Squash Melbourne Club Tab. More information to follow shortly.