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The Sixth Principle Gym

More Than Training

The Sixth Principle Gym runs a semi-private model.

With limited spots available for each session which allows for controlled numbers and supervised coaching to enhance each clients experience.

Our Semi-private training involves each athlete having their own personalised program. Which has been tailored to them from our initial screening process. 
A 1-1 session dedicated to finding out how each person moves, learns, and their goals for training so that we can best tailor a program to their needs.

This model helps instil confidence, independence and ensures a high level of coaching time for each athlete throughout their sessions.

Whether you’re learning to lift, playing community or professional sport, training for health and happiness our community is made up of athletes of all ages, abilities and sports which has been an integral part of building the community and culture of The Sixth Principle.

The Sixth Principle also caters for 1-1 training for a more personal hands on experience. Injury rehabilitation and return to sport performance and testing and team training sessions.

We pride ourselves on achieving results.

Our goal is to provide an environment to help each and every one of our members chase down their goals and continue doing what they love.









6–9am, 3–7.30pm

6–11am, 3–7.30pm

7-10am, 2–7:30pm

6–10am, 2–7:30pm

6–11am, 2–7pm