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Fithouse is now operating the gym at Squash Melbourne. Offering both boutique classes based services with Strength, Sweat (HIIT) and hybrid classes as well as personal and semi private training. 

We’ve provided top level group fitness experiences for all fitness levels since 2008. Group fitness classes are at the core of what we do. Fithouse also offers personal and semi private (up to 4ppl) small group training.

To attend group classes we offer both a membership service for unlimited access to classes and also class packs.

There’s a free 7 day class trial available and more info can be viewed here:

Group classes:


Slower, resistance based sets/reps class with a focus on developing and progressing the skill of the movements. Strength is the most important class in any routine and benefits everything including mental health, muscle growth, hormone balance, weight loss, fat loss, physique + many more benefits


As the name suggest Sweat is our high intensity training class where you can expect to expend a lot of energy/calories in every class. Great for building and improving cardiovascular fitness and developing muscle tone. Performing Sweat and HIIT training also has great mental health benefits


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For more information on our services or to book a class visit

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Contact Ben Scolyer E  [email protected]